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who is hollis?

Hollis is a young, independent pop artist known for her authentic and soul-baring lyrics. With music that blends big melodic sounds and poignant words, Hollis creates a sparkly and imaginative atmosphere that captures the listener's attention and evokes emotion.


Drawing inspiration from artists such as Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams, Hollis aims to connect with her fans through her raw and honest performances, delivering a unique blend of ethereal and high-energy indie pop.

hollis lounging on the floor with her feet kicked up on a sofa, guitar leaning beside her, in an orange, moody lighting

her beginnings

With a background in musical theater and a passion for writing and performing, Hollis is an emerging star in the indie pop genre. Growing up in West Hartford, CT and honing her skills in Broadway productions, Hollis moved to LA to pursue her acting & singing aspirations. However, her return to NYC roots brought her back to her love of songwriting where she continued to develop her craft. Now at 25 years old, Hollis has a unique & dynamic voice with extensive live performance experience.

her sound

Hollis' music is a blend of classic pop melodies, alternative rock sounds, and introspective lyrics that capture the complexities of coming of age and the human experience. Her songs are characterized by their upbeat energy, driving guitar riffs, and thought-provoking lyrics that evoke deep emotions in listeners. Inspired by artists like Holly Humberstone, Lizzy McAlpine, Michigander, and Catfish and the Bottlemen, Hollis' music is both imaginative and expressive, showcasing her unique perspective and lyrical prowess.

hollis holding her electric guitar across her back like a rockstar, sitting on a rooftop with buildings in the background, with a blue filter across the lens
centered on hollis sitting pensively on an orange arm chair while holding her guitar upright in her lap, plants hanging in the living room background

her renewal

This year, Hollis released her debut single of her career. After years of cultivating her talents across writing, singing, and performing, she hopes to reconnect with her sound in 2023. Whether she's performing in small clubs or on theatre stages, Hollis' infectious energy and genuine passion for her craft always shine through. As she continues to push the boundaries of her art and explore new projects and styles, there's no doubt that Hollis is a rising star to watch in the world of music.

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